Harvest Overview

Harvest is a crypto smart contract platform that optimizes yield farming for its users via automated strategies.

There are hundreds of 3rd party platforms to accrue yields from in crypto, such as lending, staking, or liquidity provision, and the Harvest platform aggregates the best yield opportunities to help its users accrue more yield through automation, compared to manually doing it yourself.

Harvest offers a simplified but powerful platform to discover yield strategies all across the decentralized finance ecosystem and helps you keep track of important performance metrics.

Getting started with yield farming via Harvest takes as little as $1 worth of ETH or USDC, and the process can be initiated in just a few clicks.

Core Features

  • Over 100 yield strategies for ETH, WBTC, USDC, USDT, and more across Ethereum Mainnet, Arbitrum, Base, Polygon and zkSync Era.

  • Overview of the past, current, and future yields via dynamic charts and info boxes

  • Current & Historical yield performance indicators

  • A history tab that precisely tracks net changes in underlying token and USD terms

  • Yield estimates to help you select the best strategies

  • "One Click" farming solutions using any token in your wallet

  • Next-Gen Dashboard showing all of your performing strategies in one view

  • Input and output tokens' live USD valuations

  • Sleek and tailored modals that guide users by hand when interacting with a wallet

  • Insightful sharePrice, TVL, and APY charts

  • Historical APY breakdown (365d/180d/30d/7d)

  • A fully mobile-friendly experience and more!

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