Strategy Development

The Harvest Finance community of contributors searches daily to identify the newest sources of yield. New projects are continuously evaluated and pursued to increase our growing repertoire of yield farming strategies.

Every new project is evaluated through stages:

  • Analyze project reputation

  • Review Tokenomics - TVL, rewards, distribution, fees, deflation

  • Smart Contract check for safety; 3rd Party Audit if available

  • Create a strategy for collecting and auto-compounding rewards

  • Release and activate strategy - grant weekly FARM rewards

More info

Harvest pays for gas costs, APY tracking, strategy development, and auditing. - ZERO! deposit/withdrawal fees for any of our strategies. - A performance fee (15% ETH, 10% ARB, 8% POLY) is charged on profits earned which is split between the $FARM Protocol Earnings pool and the Harvest treasury.

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