Where to trade FARM

The best places to buy FARM.

Trade FARM on Decentralized Exchanges

Trade FARM on BSC

The FARM token address on BSC is 0x4B5C23cac08a567ecf0c1fFcA8372A45a5D33743
type this address in the swap field and FARM token will appear.
A great BSC yield farming tutorial was made by a member of Harvest Finance community. (Credits to Just.Z)

Trade FARM on Polygon

The miFARM Ethereum address is 0x1571eD0bed4D987fe2b498DdBaE7DFA19519F651 Polygon address is 0xab0b2ddB9C7e440fAc8E140A89c0dbCBf2d7Bbff
The mFARM Ethereum address is 0xa0246c9032bC3A600820415aE600c6388619A14D Polygon address is 0x176f5AB638cf4Ff3B6239Ba609C3fadAA46ef5B0

Trade FARM on Regular Exchanges