What is Harvest

Harvest is a yield farming protocol that utilizes blockchain smart contract technology to automate the yield farming process.

As Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has grown, it has become increasingly common practice for protocols to provide token rewards in return for utilizing their platform, generally by staking/lending/borrowing tokens or providing liquidity to a protocol. Utilizing crypto within a protocol with the intent of collecting these rewards is referred to as 'yield farming' or 'liquidity mining.'

Harvest publishes smart contracts on the public blockchain with preprogrammed yield farming strategies, where users can put assets and the automated strategies will yield farm on the users' behalf at various 3rd party protocols. Periodically the Harvest strategy will trade any accumulated rewards through automated compounding mechanisms to increase the user's token amount, potentially increasing their exposure to future rewards.

Harvest's objectives are:

  • To automate the manual process of yield farming that a user would otherwise be doing themselves, and through automated compounding of any accumulated rewards increase the user's exposure to additional rewards.

  • To provide users with the highest yield and optimal opportunities in the DeFi landscape, ensuring a seamless, professional and rewarding experience.

  • To position itself as the go-to platform, offering a comprehensive, all-in-one application for users at all levels, from beginners to experts, while empowering them with the best tools to understand and monitor their crypto positions. Through this, Harvest seeks to retain a well-established and trusted name in the crypto and blockchain space.

  • To support a diverse range of projects, both emerging and well-known, through collaborations. This commitment contributes to the growth and vitality of the DeFi ecosystem.

  • To foster a community of DeFi curious and like-minded people who will participate in Harvest's continuous development and evolution within the crypto space.

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