Variable Rates of Return - APY %

The Harvest smart contracts are an automated yield-farming solution that relies on third-party products and applications to provide sources of yield and their corresponding rates of return. All rates should be validated with the 3rd party protocol as there may be mistranslations of the rates of return provided by the 3rd party. Additionally, Harvest may "boost" the APY% of a given pool by adding $FARM reward emissions to the overall earnings. The breakdown of rewards is specified in each pool and $FARM emissions are published weekly here. Important: The stated AP[[R]/[Y]] (the 'Rate') is denominated in terms of [RELEVANT TOKEN], not USD or other fiat currency. The Rate is a forward-looking projection based on good faith belief of how to reasonably project results over the relevant period, but such belief is subject to numerous assumptions, risks and uncertainties (including smart contract security risks and third-party actions) which could result in a materially different (lower or higher) token-denominated AP[[R]/[Y]]. The Rate is not a promise, guarantee or undertaking on the part of any person or group of persons, but depends entirely on the results of the operation of smart contracts and other autonomous systems (including third-party systems) and how third parties interact with those systems after the time of your deposit. Even if the Rate is achieved as projected, you may still suffer a financial loss in fiat-denominated terms if the fiat-denominated value of the relevant tokens (your deposit and any tokens allocated or distributed to you pursuant to the Rate) declines during the deposit period.

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