Variable Rates of Return - APY %

The Harvest application is an automated yield-farming protocol that relies on third-party products and applications to provide sources of yield and their corresponding rates of return. All rates should be validated with the 3rd party protocol as there may be mistranslations of the APY provided by the 3rd party. Additionally, Harvest may "boost" the APY% of a given pool by adding $FARM reward emissions to the overall earnings. The breakdown of rewards is specified in each pool and $FARM emissions are published weekly here.
Important: Displayed rates of return are HIGHLY VOLATILE / VARIABLE and are NOT GUARANTEED or FIXED. Additional deposits into the pool may have a dramatic effect on the displayed rate as rewards are shared proportionally with all users based on their deposit amount, the total amount deposited by all users, and the number of rewards issued over the emissions time period. Users should be aware that the APY% rate is an educational tool to help understand the emission rate of rewards for funds already deposited AND if emissions and deposit ratios remained constant for an entire year. Users should also note that APY% reflects the potential earnings in token quantity and not a reflection of $ dollar amount earning potential. There is a high possibility the user is gaining tokens at a given APY% rate but losing in overall $ dollar value if the market value of that token declines.