Strategy variations

Standard Vaults

Almost every strategy available on Harvest Finance works using 70% of farmed assets to auto compound the underlying assets while 30% is taken to distribute to Profit Sharing. There are some vaults that are an exception and their farming mechanism will be explained bellow, anything that is not here works as a Standard vault.

mSTONKs and degen

Mirror strategies does not compound and converts 70% of farmed MIR into FARM/iFARM while 30% is taken to distribute to Profit Sharing. From time to time Harvest Finance might release some high risk strategies that will farm a high APY. These degen strategies by default exchanges 100% of farmed tokens for FARM and distribute 70% of it to depositors and 30% to Profit Sharing just like mSTONKs pools.


LIFT strategies works in a way that Harvest Finance distributes iFARM in advance and keep the vested LIFT rewards for the protocol.


UNI V3 strategies works as standard vaults using 70% trading fees collected to auto compound depositor's underlying assets and distributing 30% of trading fees collected to the Profit Sharing, but 2/3 of iFARM incentives are vested for 6 months in these pools.


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